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Internship Support Center (ISC)


The purpose of the center is to provide mentorship to Intern Medical Officers to bring about a better service delivery and increase the quality of life.
It aims to be a source positive energy and direction, minimizing negative experiences during a year that is inherently stressful.
It is a means of alerting, guiding, advicing, supporting and counseling medical officers during and beyond the period of internship.

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Adverse Incident Reporting System (AIRS)

The system is a means of enhancing quality of care
by providing a methodical and comprehensive strategy for adverse event surveillance related to clinical practice in Sri Lanka.

The reporting system is for both clinical and non-clinical related events.

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A source of continuous and up to date information required for a successful internshi


Handbook for Medical Interns

The Handbook for Medical interns is a consise guide to the practical knowledge required for internship. It addresses issues encountered by many interns and provides information and practical solutions for dealing with them.

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