Clinical Skills Workshops

This module of the Good Intern Programme aims to develop essential clinical skills and knowledge of pre interns on areas such as advanced life support, IV cannulation and blood transfusion. Increasing your understanding of such skills and the enhance your abilty to practically apply them in  in a variety of situations will increase your confidence in carrying out these procedures and benefit both you and your patient. 

The programme is conducted in collaboration with the academic colleges and held in different settings. The teaching methods employed include practical sessions, demonstrations and audio-visual presentations.

FAQs on the workshops

Clinical Skills Workshop 2014

The workshop was carried out in a series of 4 sessions which took place from the 6th to the 31st of October in a number of hospitals around the country. For more information about the Octorber 2014 workshops visit the  GMOA GIP - 2014 webpage.


A pre intern doctor is preparing to do a Lumbar puncture

Cannulation carried out by a pre intern doctor


Observation of insertion of CVP line