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GIP Workshop November 2013

                                 Good Intern Programme Workshop November 2013                                                    

The inaugural workshop of the Good Intern Programme took place from the 11th to the 14th of November 2013. The workshop was attended by more than 700 participants from around the island.

The curriculum of the training programme was developed based on the WHO framework of the four domains of “Good Medical Practice” and compiled with the guidance of panel of experts that included clinicians and professionals. The workshop was organized by the GMOA and Ministry of Health.

 Post workshop comments and conclusions 

The Good Intern Programme aspires to constantly better the service it provides. With this in mind pre and post programme surveys were carried out among post interns, current interns and participants in the workshop in order to identify their needs and areas of concern. Participants in the surveys were from 24 out of the 25 districts and represented Base, General and Teaching Hospitals.  Some of the findings regarding perceptions on both internship and the 2013 GIP workshop are presented below.

  • The number of post interns and current interns who experienced high levels of stress in the first appointment (first six months) was higher than those in the second appointment. The prevalence of stress varied based on the specialty in which the appointment was undertaken.
  • Some of the main areas interns and immediate post interns identified as being under prepared in were communication (particularly with senior colleagues) and knowledge on administrative issues. A general lack of awareness regarding internship was also stated.
  • Among the areas addressed in workshop on Good Medical Practice, the sessions identified as of highest relevance by the pre interns were the “Essential skills for interns”. The contents of the sessions, “Essential skills for interns”, “Administrative issues related to department of health” and “You are not alone” received relatively high ratings.
  • While many graduates were satisfied with the varied orientation they received at the beginning of the internship appointments and the guidance provided by the senior colleagues, they still encountered considerable stress during internship and thus strongly supported the establishment of an intern support center.

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