FAQs for GIP workshop November 2013

1. What is the “Good Intern Workshop of the Good Intern program 2013?
It is a four day training program covering aspects of “Good Medical Practice” in relation to an Intern Medical Officer. Content area was developed on the 4 domains of “Good Medical Practice” already established in “Internship guidelines” of other countries and the “system building blocks framework” of the WHO.
This was done with the guidance of a panel of experts that included clinicians, academics as well as administrators. The available time period was weighted according to the priority-hierarchy of the panel of experts and the different kinds of teaching methods were planned. These methods include:
• Symposia
• Lecture discussions
• Audio-visuals
• Demonstrations
• Brain-storming sessions

2. What are the other components of the Good Intern Program?
The Good Intern Programme has 3 modules and 10 parallel and associated projects.

Module 1: Residential second-language training program for 10 days (completed)
Module 2: Improving essential clinical knowledge and skills (being implemented)
Module 3: 4-day training program covering aspects of “Good Medical Practice” in relation to an Intern Medical Officer.

Parallel and associated projects - Further details available soon!
1. Internship supporting centre
2. Handbook for medical interns
3. Intern Medical Officer website- “www.medicalintern.lk”
4. ICU bed management System (NICS)
5. Adverse event reporting system
6. National level baseline research on internship
7. Introduction of the research culture to interns
8. Collaboration with academic colleges and institutions
9. Reducing stress of internship
10. Facilitation of internet access

3. When will it be held?
From 11th to 14th November 2013

4. Where will it be held?
At Kularathne hall, Ananda College auditorium

link to map

5. Who can register for this?
All pre-interns who will be starting their internship in November/December 2013

6. Who is organizing this program?
GMOA in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

7. What are the objectives?
1.Standardization of Health Care
2.Human Resource Development
3.Health System Development
4.Ensuring patient safety
5.Upgrading quality of patient care
6.Creating a culture of research and innovation

8. Who are the speakers?
Eminent individuals from respective fields will be the speakers. For the full list of authors please see the detailed program here.

9. What about food and refreshments?
Food and refreshments will be provided for you during the four days.

10. What will I gain from participating in this programme?
This programme is dedicated to helping you get the maximum out of your internship. It will help you understand what to expect and what is expected of you. Being prepared and armed with knowledge will increase the quality of service you will be able to provide, increase job satisfaction and improve the quality of life during your period of internship.

11. Am I given a certificate?
Those attending all 4 days will be given a certificated signed by the Secretary of Health.

12. Where can I stay overnight?
Unfortunately we are unable to help with accommodation.

13. Whom can I contact for more details?
Please email goodinternsrilanka@gmail.com for any further details or call on 0777599280 Monday to Friday between 0900-1600.

14. Can I participate in organizing? How?
You are most welcome. Please call above mentioned phone number and mention your willingness to participate in organizing. Your participation will be acknowledged and documented. You will also be given priority in organizing similar such events in the future.