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Information on the GIP Workshops

 Frequently Asked Questions                                                                                                         

Who are the workshops for?

Pre interns and interns are the intended audience.

How often will the workshops be held?

At present the workshop is being held annually.

How can I register for the workshop?

You can register for the workshop through this website.

Click here to register.

What are the topics covered in the workshops?

An broad outline of the issues covered in the workshop at present is given below. Topics of concern will be identified and included based on feedback received from participants.

·      Making the most of your internship

·      The role of the intern in his chosen appointments

·      Essential skills for Interns

·      Communication and relationship with patients and staff

·      Diagnosis, disease coding and drug management

·      Handling emergencies in the ward

·      Ethics, litigation and administrative issues

·      Research and innovation during internship

How is the workshop presented?

Teaching methods employed in the workshops included

·       Symposia

·       Lecture discussions

·       Audio-visuals

·       Demonstrations

·       Brain-storming sessions

What are the benefits of participating?

Inclusion of Certificate for Participation of Communication Skills Programme (CSP I)

Good intern programme  consists of very interactive sessions to enhance the communication skills of the participants. 

Those who successfully completed the whole programme will gain level 01 communication skills at the end and will be introduced to level 02 & 03 communication skills as well.  

This will be of immense benefit in the future to defend yourself against any future allegations aimed at you for miscommunication

Acquiring Knowledge Skills Development and Future prospects in medical carrier

 It is a means of refreshing and consolidating knowledge gained as a student.

It helps with the identification and development of skills essential for your success not only as a doctor but as an individual.

It is a source of information regarding administrative issues related to the Department of Health.

It discusses future prospects and the way in which internship can be used as a foundation of continuing profession development and  research opportunities.

The workshop acts as a stepping-stone - helping you to bridge the gap between your role and responsibilities as a medical student and your role and responsibilities as a medical professional.

Facing up new challenges during Internship period

  It highlights issues faced by many interns both before and after the commencement of internship and discusses possible means of overcoming these difficulties - thereby reducing potential stressors and enhancing your internship experience.

 It is a arena for meeting and interacting with colleagues - old and new – before beginning  a new chapter of your life.

Bank loan schemes and Tablets at a concessional price.

On all 4 days of this year’s programme you will get the opportunity to apply for specially designed loan schemes from Bank of Ceylon and we have already made arrangements to offer you the opportunity of buying a Tablet for a concessional price.