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Things to include in a portfolio

Since the aim of the portfolio is to serve as record of your learning experience it should include material that provide evidence of your attainments. Some of the items that should be included are -

  • Personal and professional development plan

  • Record of meetings with your educational and clinical supervisor

  • Workplace based assessments

  • Reflective reports - Which should include

    • What you have done

    • What you have learnt that will lead to a change in future

    • What evidence you have of application of that learning

    • What further learning needs you have

    • Action plan for meeting those learning needs
  • Sign-off documents

  • Interesting cases

  • Teaching/learning/courses attended

  • Audits and presentations undertaken

  • Certificates of e-learning modules
(Taken from - 'Building a portfolio' Author - Alyson Williamson, BMJ Careers Publication date:15 Sep 2011)  Click here for the full article.